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He doesn't make sense

Written with [ profile] derek_bliss

Derek says, "No big fish for Jun. Period."

Jun does not like that one bit by the way.

She looks forward to March.

"You want mercury poisoning? You can have shrimp. Tilapia."

Jun pouts.

"No tuna. No shark. No swordfish."


Derek shows her the mercury levels as listed in the article. "That'll fry baby neurons."

"I would have to eat a lot of tuna."

"Not so much. 6 ounces a month and you've reached the limit. Albacore is worse."

"We cleaned up our oceans." Jun reaches across the table, lifting up slightly to grab pickle with her chopsticks.

"Yeah, but it takes years...decades...for the stuff to get out of the water ways and the biggest fish have already ingested all they need to be dangerous. They're old enough to still be lousy with it and have eaten enough small fish to accumulate a lot more."

Jun sips water.

Derek reads: "King Mackeral: 1.670 mercury. Shark: 4.540. Swordfish: 3.220. Tilefish: 3.730--safe is .05 and lower, although, up to .5 you can have 1-2 servings a week."

Jun nibbles on a tomato wedge.

Derek reads, "Safe fish: Anchovies, .043; butterfish, .058; catfish, .049."

Jun munches rice and pickle.

"Clams, shrimp and squid--not enough to detect."

Occasionally, Jun chews a bit of rice and tries to pass it to Chance.

"Cod, .09. Crab, .06. Crawfish, .03. Hake, .014. Herring, .04. Spiny lobster, .09 ((other varieties are unsafe).

Chance spits up the rice.

"Atlantic mackeral, .05. Mullet, .046. Oyster, .013. Ocean perch are negligible in mercury count."

Jun finishes wiping Chance's chin, and yawns.

"Same with canned salmon. Other salmon .014. Scallops, .05. Tilapia, .01."

He'd already given his blessing on tilapia. She pulled a face at Chance. He hooted and smacked his cheek with his hand which meant time for peekaboo (his aim wasn't very good).

Derek said, "Trout, .072."

Jun peaked at Chance through her fingers.

"Canned regular tuna is just under at .118."

Jun smiled at Derek.

"So...okay...smaller fish, okay?"


"I know its cleaner here, but it still takes time for that shit to work out of the water and older fish and stock. Part of the reason the big game fish are so bad is because they eat all the smaller fish that have it and it just keep accumulating."

Jun nods, and because she isn't a saint says. "I know, Derek." She smiles gently. She is the knt's science officer.

Chance opens his mouth. Maybe to make a distress noise. She puts some omelet in it.


"Hmmm?" She sips on her soup.

"Telling you shit you already know."

She makes big eyes over the rim of her bowl.

Derek smiles a little.

She snorfles. Soup sprays and she tries to cover her mouth, and thereby spills more.

Chance gurgles with glee.

So does she.

Derek laughs, shaking his head, and gets the napkins.