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Birthdate:Oct 4
I'm Jun.

Some people call me Shiratori no Jun. Others call me things like boss, mama and sis. [personal profile] rather_be_surfing calls me whatever he wants. [profile] gr8_swallow does too, now that I think of it.

I co-own the Snack J lounges in old Utoland City and on the waterfront.

I'm a good bartender and I like things that go fast. Like motorcycles. I play guitar, some bass, and spin in my free time. I think math is pretty.


speed is love
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Disclaimer: This is a roleplaying journal, created for [community profile] sages_of_chaos/[community profile] dear_multiverse and whatever else may happen from there. Jun does not belong to the typist and is not used with permission. She's been licensed to so many places, the typist isn't sure whose she is right now, but she's not being used for profit. She is one of the original members of Tatsunuko's celebrated hit animation series Gatchaman, Gatchamn II and Gatchaman F

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